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Office 611, Palace Tower - B Silicon Oasis, Dubai UAE
Sat-Thu 08:00 AM - 06:00 PM
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    30 Oct, 2020
    Posted by Pranitha
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    Best Air conditioner brands available in UAE

    Air conditioners help us beat the heat of the summer and keep us cool and relaxed during the summertime. Choosing best air conditioner can be over whelming as there are many options available. It’s a major investment that can add years of comfort, so choosing a reliable AC system that gives you the best value is utmost important. Before settling on a unit, be sure to consider the space you need to cool and any optional features you may want. Here are some guidelines to help you make a right choice.

    Check the area you need the air conditioner to cool. – You need to know the area of the room which you want to cool. Different air conditioners have different cooling capacities which are measured in BTUs (British Thermal units). Once you find the area you want to cool you will be in a better position to select the Air condition with correct cooling capacity for your room. To find the area, you need to multiply the width and length of the room. The higher a unit’s BTU, the larger the area it can cool.

    Consider the surrounding environment of your home – If your room receives constant direct sunlight choose an air conditioner with higher BTU rating. Select an Energy efficient Air conditioner – Air conditioners come with star-rated energy efficiency ratings also called EER. Models with more stars will consume less electricity and it will allow you save money on your electricity bills.

    Consider where you want to place the unit – You can buy the units that can be installed to the windows or attached to the wall. Opt for potable unit if you want to move it from one room to another.

    Choose additional features – Select a unit with good design, adjustable vents, good remote control and LED display if required and fits within your budget. Look for a Wi-Fi-enabled unit if you want to control your unit remotely.

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